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Our Mission with Help Women and Children Now, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is simple: to support research of premature births and pediatric heart disease, and to provide direct assistance to local families in medical crisis.

HWCN was created in 2006 to honor newborn Stephen Michael Hurly who passed away after only five weeks due to complications of heart disease and premature birth. Our first fundraising effort was Kidzfest, a family festival raising thousands of dollars and providing education and visibility to these important issues.

We soon broadened our fundraising efforts to help local families in medical crisis through funding of home makeovers to suit their new needs, as well as by providing monetary resources.

Today we continue to fundraise for research, with a series of events such as Kidzfest, Kidzfest2015 3016the Tavistock Golf Club tournament and family outing, and $10 from 10,000©. CLICK HERE FOR OUR VIDEO 





We are staffed entirely by volunteers and all of our net proceeds go directly to research and community outreach. Please join us as we work to raise money and educate others to help put an end to premature births and pediatric heart disease.